Tires & Rubber Product Testing

Questions our services will answer

  • Do the finished tires contain all the right materials?
  • How much rework is present in a component?
  • How does one manufacturing plant compare with another?
  • Is the composition compliant with the formula?
  • How does a field returned tire compare with formula?
  • How good is the quality control of my finished products?

We cut up tires

Then we section out individual components. From there we analyze the mechanical properties as well as the chemical composition.

We have the tire design expertise to know which components are where. We can section components without contamination from adjacent layers.

  • Treadcap
  • Sidewall
  • Innerliner
  • Beltcoat
  • Shoulder Wedges
  • Apex
  • Treadbase
  • Plycoat
  • Chafer

With decades of compounding and analytical expertise, we can tell you a lot about the materials in your tires, including how much is present. We are equipped with the analytical instruments to properly separate your compounds into individual materials. We use standard ASTM, ISO methods and custom methods to suit particular needs.

  • Polymer Types
  • % Carbon Black
  • % Oils
  • Modulus, Tensile, Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • DIN Abrasion
  • Cure Type
  • Antidegradants
  • Waxes

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