Thermal Analysis

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Properties Measured

Thermal Stability


% Polymer

% Filler

% Inorganics

% Volatiles

% Moisture

Oxidative Stability

Decomposition Kinetics

Estimated Lifetime

Residuals amount

Instrument Capabilities

Temperature Range: ambient to 1,000°C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C

Temperature Precision: ± 0.1°C

Heating/Cooling Rate: 0.01°C to 100°C per minute

Purge Gas Availability: Nitrogen, Air, Oxygen, Argon, Helium

High Resolution Mode to better resolve components

Sample Requirements

Amount Required: 5 – 50 mg

Physical Form: Solid or Liquid


Example Test Protocols

ASTM E1131

Standard Test Method for Compositional Analysis by Thermogravimetry

ASTM D6370

Standard Test Method for Rubber-Compositional Analysis by Thermogravimetry (TGA)

ISO 9924-2

Rubber and Rubber Products – Determination of the Composition of Vulcanizates and Uncured Compounds by Thermogravimetry – Part 2: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene and Halobutyl Rubbers

ASTM D3850

Standard Test Method for Rapid Thermal Degradation of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials By Thermogravimetric Method (TGA)

ASTM D2584

Standard Test Method for Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins

ASTM D6558

Standard Test Method for Determination of TGA CO2 Reactivity of Baked Carbon Anodes and Cathode Blocks

ASTM D6375

Standard Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils by Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Noack Method

ASTM D5832

Standard Test Method for Volatile Matter Content of Activated Carbon Samples

ASTM E2403

Standard Test Method for Sulfated Ash of Organic Materials by Thermogravimetry


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