Quality Analysis & Production Testing

Failure Analysis

Argen Ph.D’s have been performing defect and failure analysis on rubber and polymer products for decades.  Our scientists use a range of instrumentation for failure analysis testing, including Digital Microscopy, Pyrolysis, GC/MS, FTIR, DSC, TGA, and more. We also have experience with quality systems in production environments and we consult in manufacturing root cause analysis from raw materials to finished product testing. We are experienced in DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma, DOEs, and DFMEAs.  We have managed technical teams that solved field problems for major companies ranging from consumer products to automotive parts.  We have served as experts in depositions for major legal cases.

  • Product Defects
  • Lack of Adhesion and Delaminations
  • Contamination
  • Odor and Fumes
  • Good vs Bad Parts
  • Returned Field Parts

Raw Material Testing

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to receive bad lots of raw materials which can cause down-stream problems in processing and product quality.  We are a go-to lab for many companies for this type of work.  We perform quality control testing for plastic processers on their incoming resin, whether virgin or recycled. We test gum polymers for gel content, antioxidants and residual volatiles.  We test uncured rubber compounds that our clients receive from custom mixers to help to flag out-of-spec batches.  In some circumstances we can determine if material substitutions of an alternate source or type are being made.

Finished Part Testing & Manufacturing Support

Argen helps manufacturers diagnose issues with their finished parts.  We have personnel experienced with excising, cutting, extracting and sectioning products so that further analysis can be performed. These tools are useful for understanding a part returned from the field, exploring a complaint from a customer,  meeting a specification, or pursuing a legal investigation.  The information thus produced helps relate final part properties to those measured as part of process quality control, and can help optimize your finished parts with respect to parameters in your processes.  Argen also performs surveillance studies for clients by comparing their parts from their different manufacturing facilities.


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