Polymer Characterization

Polymer Characterization can help determine a material’s identity and composition, ensure its quality, determine how it has been affected by an application environment, give insight into failure mechanisms, or compare your material with a competitor’s.  Good vs. bad comparisons are routine, as is analysis of recycled or reground materials to assess their utility.

Argen Polymer LLC has the expertise, backed by extensively equipped laboratories, to thoroughly characterize your material and help you understand the implications.  Applicable to:  Thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, composites, urethanes, polymer blends, silicone RTV, siloxane polymers.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is applicable to all type of polymer compositions, including elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets, and everything in between.  Insight into thermal events such as melting, crystallization, glass transition, viscosity and flow at various temperatures, viscoelastic properties and how they vary with temperature, damping characteristics, thermal conductivity, and many more.

Argen is equipped with modern, properly calibrated and statistical process controlled suite of thermal analysis tools:


Analytical testing is often targeted at determining a polymer material’s composition.  Examples include polymer and cure system identification, presence and identification of anti-degradants, absorbed gas analysis, polymer blend analysis etc.  Failure analysis and quality control are two common areas for application of these techniques.  We apply tools such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Thermal Desorption GC-MS, Pyrolysis GC/MS, UV-vis Spectroscopy, viscosity, and various wet chemistry and titration techniques.

At Argen we love to cut stuff up.  We are adept at extracting specimens for analysis from all manner of finished parts, whether new or returned from service.  From tires to blow out preventers to stators and everything in between, it is likely that we can obtain test specimens from your finished parts for mechanical testing, failure analysis, quality control check against lab produced material, and other testing.


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