Testing, Analysis and Consulting

Non-metallic materials perform key functions in a wide variety of industries. Durability and verifiable performance of these materials can be cost drivers. Rigorous materials performance analysis is the bedrock of proper materials selection and trouble shooting. Knowing how materials perform in an environment as closely related to the real operational environment can provide a basis from which to select from amongst various materials or designs and to learn what to expect in terms of durability. This information can be gleaned from well known standardized testing protocols recognized in your industry. It may also be necessary to design a custom test method, perhaps including a custom test apparatus, in order to derive the information needed. It can be helpful to know the makeup of materials in order to predict environmental interactions or to compare with competitor’s materials. It is this type of ‘Material Information’ that Argen seeks to provide.

Performance & Compatibility Testing

Argen is able to perform a wide variety of materials testing in a rigorous fashion according to either standardized protocols or custom protocols unique to your needs.

Compound Development

Develop a Rubber Compound Formulation that you own and mold it yourself or put it out to  various suppliers for sourcing.

Tire and Rubber Product Testing

Our staff has experience with major tire companies encompassing passenger, light truck, radial medium, OTR and aircraft tires. We are also skilled in analyzing hoses, belts and medical products. Our advanced methods to reformulate tire and rubber compounds can provide valuable information about your products.

Formula Reconstruction Expertise

At Argen we apply the knowledge of a combined 50 years of compounding science experience obtained in tire, oil & gas and chemical & plastics industries.

Sour Gas Testing

Argen is equipped with a facility designed specifically for exposing materials to hydrogen sulfide and other reactive gases.  We have implemented proper health, safety and environmental controls which enable us to test at all levels of H2S and high pressure and temperature. We can accommodate custom or standard conditions per API, NORSOK, ISO, etc.


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