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Argen Polymer provides clients with superior polymer testing services, producing reliable and accurate data.

Rigorous Data

Rigorous Data means approaching and executing our testing and analysis in a precise and uncompromising manner.

It is more than just saying we test according to an ASTM or ISO  etc. method…although we do.  It is more than being an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory…although we are.

It means being meticulous.  It means continually investing in modern, well-equipped facilities, like the latest in PLC data acquisition systems and custom control and automation systems that help ensure consistency.  It means team members with extensive expertise and training who are motivated and up to the task.    It means a commitment to make every effort to see that the data we generate is accurate, repeatable, and thorough.  And finally, it means if something doesn’t live up to our expectations, or more importantly yours, we will do what is necessary to address the matter.

Scientific Insight

Scientific Insight begins with the determination of what testing or analysis is necessary.  Be it simply just outside the scope of a standard method, a completely custom approach, or the creation of novel fixturing or control systems, our insight, based on decades of scientific experience and expertise, informs the process.

In the end, Scientific Insight is what brings the picture together and makes the Rigorous Data meaningful.


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